Serves: 4                      

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooked: On the hob | Cooking time: 10 minutes


2 eggs
125g self-raising flour
200ml milk
1 teaspoon sugar
vegetable oil

1. Place the flour in a basin and add the eggs, beat until a paste then add the milk in small amounts – whisk if necessary to remove lumps. Add salt and sugar. Add enough water for the mixture to become the thickness of UK double cream- this can be made the night before.
2. Put a little oil in a frying pan and spoon tablespoons of the mixture into the pan to form small rounds. When the top surface is solidified turn over and cook the other side. Keep warm in a roasting tin in the oven at 325F/170C until needed.

To serve: put three warm pancakes on a plate. Serve ramekins of honey, golden syrup or wedges of lemon to go with the pancakes.