Tignes Uncovered

  When you think Tignes, you picture snow-covered peaks, a frozen lake, a glacier and snow-sure skiing. You might know it’s made up of 5 villages, or that you can ski there almost year round. But did you know that the original village of Tignes is actually submerged under 235 million cubic metres of water?…

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Fast Food: Home VS High street

  We are all prone to a cheat day, or grabbing food for convenience and to fill a craving on occasion, but leaving home for the first time with free rein on food choices- and the responsibility to fill the fridge can lead to some debatable eating habits… often significantly consisting of fast food and…

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Ready, Set… Canapé!

There is not a lot that tells you more about somebody’s style of cooking or their methodologies than an invention test. So on day three we set the guys loose on whatever they can find in the kitchen (or beyond if they wanted it!). The one goal is that at the end of an hour…

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