Where? Tignes, France

Who for? People looking to learn kitchen skills and get ski season work

How long? 14 days, 14 nights (includes 2 days off and 3 hours off each afternoon)

When? View course dates £250 Off Special Offer Available!

How many people? A maximum of 6 people people per group

How many tutors? 2 per group

The benefits

  • Learn cooking skills that will serve you for life
  • Gain confidence in cooking and helping to run a chalet
  • Get valuable CV-writing tips and career advice
  • Complete the course successfully and you’re guaranteed an interview


On the two week course at The Mountain Cookery School you’ll be transformed from a complete kitchen novice into a confident culinary champ, with the necessary skills to not only succeed in the kitchen during a ski season, but to progress your career afterwards by applying your knowledge to other disciplines and industries.

Cooking skills

  • Knife skills
  • 10 basic cooking methods (including roasting, baking, marinating, reducing, steaming, frying, grilling, boiling, poaching and sautéing)
  • The building blocks of flavour
  • Simple secrets to superb sauces
  • Food safety
  • Dietary requirements and children’s food
  • WOW food presentation and ambience
  • Coping with kitchen mishaps

Other useful stuff

  • Translations of French and German food terms
  • Food Safety Level 2 qualification
  • Safety on the mountain
  • Shopping, budgeting and stock control
  • Time management
  • What it’s really like to be a chalet host
  • What to take with you for your season
  • Looking after yourself at altitude

Welcome to Tignes!

A welcoming lunch will greet you along with your course tutors on arrival and you’ll have some time to spend getting to know your course mates and Tignes itself.

A short Welcome Session by the tutors accompanied by some example canapés will let you know how the week will work and what you can expect.

In the evening you’ll enjoy a freshly cooked meal by your tutors, presented ‘chalet style’ so you will have a good idea of what to aim for by the end of the fortnight.

An early night is recommended to help get used to the high altitude of Tignes.

Day 2

Every day will start with a hearty breakfast – a chance for you to practice and perfect some staple cooking techniques such as poached eggs.


Technical Masterclass: Food Safety
An important foundation for the course (and beyond). Food safety includes awareness of foods themselves as well a preparation and cooking techniques to ensure food is always 100% safe to eat. This session is a combination of theory and practical examples.

Technical Masterclass: Knife Skills

In the afternoon session you’ll learn about knives – the different types, their best uses and how to use them effectively and safely. The session includes sharpening techniques and plenty of practice with different foods – a bit of a head start for the evening meal!

Day 3

After a busy second day, the third morning will be a more in-depth session in the kitchen, getting used to the work stations, the equipment and larders including how to correctly store food in the kitchen.

We use a recipe as a basis for a shopping list, which leads us into the afternoon session – Learning what ingredients are available in the alps and getting used to speaking a bit of French in the local supermarkets as we shop for the next few meals.


Day 4

Technical Masterclass: Cooking at Altitude

Baking at altitude is the order of day 4. The course initially covers the basics of baking – the ingredients and equipment commonly needed and some age-old faultless recipes. But then the twist – the nuances  of altitude which you’ll master in no time thanks to the experience of your tutors.

Technical Masterclass: Food Presentation
Discover how to set a scene for your culinary creations. Presentation can turn any dish into a work of art and you’ll learn the key skills you can apply to countless dishes – from canapes through to desserts and petit-fours.


Day 5

Sunday begins with a some free time. A chance to explore Tignes a bit more and blow off some cobwebs after an intense start to the course. So many activities are on offer in and around the lake, as well as in the mountains themselves. Everyone is encouraged to get some fresh air and come back revived and ready for the evening.

Learning some tricks used by successful fast food restaurants to save time without compromising on quality is the order of the evening. The culmination of Sunday night is preparing and eating a healthier version of the classic Sunday night takeaway.


10270787_10154852096785158_6995564552313458899_nDay 6

Baking show-stopping cakes is a big part of mountain life in the winter, so day 6 begins with perfecting some more cake skills. A chalet host morning cooking routine is usually a delicate balance between breakfast and cake preparation – often simultaneously. You’ll learn how to do this standing on your head!

Technical Masterclass: Canapés
Canapés are great served with cocktails or a glass of Prosecco before dinner. And while they feel like a luxury, plenty of tasty bites can actually be crafted from the odds and ends in your fridge – so making yummy mini morsels is great for preventing food waste and maximising your budget.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour before sitting down to the three course meal you’ve also prepared this evening.

Day 7

A day of perfecting some kitchen basics. By the end of the first week you’ll have a firm grasp of many key kitchen skills – from knowing what ingredients to buy, all the way through to presenting your dish in a creative and delicious-looking way. But the basics are the foundation.

We’ll run through egg cooking techniques including foolproof poaching, a variety of more ‘industrial’ cooking techniques including deep-frying – and how to do them safely, and portion controlling some kitchen staples such as pasta and rice to ensure you never needlessly waste food again.

Day 8

A full day off to do whatever you want with!

Your course tutors will also be off today and most likely will show you some of the excitement in Tignes.

Depending on the weather you could do anything from skiing on the glacier to wakeboarding on the lake! Its a good chance to experience one of the local eateries in the evening if you like too, although food will still be provided at the Mountain Cookery School base.

Day 9

It’s a technical day today. Making Gnocchi from scratch.

Gnocchi is a potato-based small dumpling often used in place of pasta to accompany Italian and other traditional European sauces. When done right it’s truly delicious but does take some practice. It’s a skill that will turn the humble potato into an unexpected crowd pleaser next time you’re in charge of the kitchen!

Day 10

Continuing with the theme of making common ingredients from scratch, today is all about pasta.

Technical Masterclass: Pasta Making

After experimenting and perfecting your pasta dough during the morning, the day will culminate with creating, cooking and serving a home-made filled ravioli to your course mates, having prepared everything including the sauce from scratch!

Day 11

Technical Masterclass: Spice Blending

After that we’re going further afield for our inspiration, looking at spices and eastern food. You’ll learn to adapt and blend base flavours to suit your own taste, and then prepare a traditional curry feast with the rest of your course mates!

Day 12

After a morning off to digest all your new-found skills and re-boot your energy levels we’ll be planning, preparing and cooking a traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Each work station will be responsible for specific elements of the meal so the lessons won’t just be about technique, it’ll really test teamwork and timing – both crucial parts of a successful kitchen

Day 13

Technical Masterclass: Sushi

A further development of advanced kitchen skills and probably a new taste for many. Today we’ll learn the fine Asian art of Sushi – from how to perfectly cook the glutenous rice, to balancing flavours and textures and finally the delicate art of preparing and presenting your creations.

In the afternoon and into your penultimate evening we’ll begin to pull together as many of your skills as possible with a showstopping evening dish, complete with perfect timing and presentation. You’d have never thought you could achieve this at the start of the course!

Day 14

Today, the final day, we are going to spend crafting and enjoying the best 3 course meal you have probably ever prepared!

You’ll be in charge (with guidance from your course tutors) of the planning, shopping, preparing, cooking and presenting for your course mates and some special guests, an evening meal to remember. This is your chance to really enjoy the moment, to savour your achievements and consider where your new talents as a kitchen Master will take you!

We’ll also factor in time for you to sit your Level 2 Food Safety test.


Course content is subject to change according to number participating and activities available.

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